MS Office may have been the office suite that’s been around the longest but with new alternatives like Libre, many people find themselves questioning whether it is still the best. While Libre is essentially a free product, MS Office for Home & Business can be a little heavier on the pocket. However, which one is better in functionality? Following are some of the factors to consider:

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While making a decision about which office suite is a better choice, it really boils down to reliability. And Microsoft has been a pioneer in the technology industry for a reason, they are very definition of reliable. Whether it has to do with storing your data safely or recovering your files after that initial ‘I didn’t save my file and my PC crashed, did I lose all my work’ shock, MS Office has delivered on all these different fronts as per the requirements of its users.

Constantly Looking To Improve

MS Office has been tenacious in its efforts to consistently better its software and add more and more problem solving shortcuts to make your tasks even simpler. With regular automatic updates it keeps bringing you up to date with the best editing tools for all types of documents. So you can count on MS Office to not offer you outdated services as it has proven itself to be constantly bettering itself however that is not a guarantee you can have with other office suite alternatives.

Easy To Use

Microsoft understands the need for having a user friendly interface that is easy to co-operate with for any of its users. With managing tasks like crunching numbers for a business, high profile documents as a requirement for a job and creating focused pieces of information for project submissions by students of any level, a program that is familiar and easy to use is the top requirement by end users and MS Office has a reputation of delivering on that.

Customer Support

One of the things that makes Microsoft one of a kind in its office suite services is that it provides round the clock customer support with its product. That means quick serving of solutions to you by their customer support team, options available are a chat bot, live chat support and their call center. Other alternatives like Libre do not provide this option meaning you have to rely on user based queries which can take a lot more time and effort.

Cloud Storage

Another factor that plays a huge role in attracting consumers to the Microsoft Office product rather than its competitors is its cloud storage function. One Drive allows you to store up to 50 GB worth of data on the cloud as back up, a practical necessity in today’s times. That along with the ability to easily access and edit the data and documents you’ve stored.

Availability For Multiple Devices

There is hardly any box that MS Office leaves unchecked when it comes to ensuring their users’ needs of ease met. Providing availability on multiple devices is a huge help for many as you can use and edit the different Microsoft Office programs on any of your devices, be it mobile, tablet or a computer. Which can make the process of editing your work a lot more convenient. This is yet another function that competitors of MS Office do not provide.


Is MS Office better than alternative office suites? We think so. Its hassle free, extremely reliable, simple to use and suitable for all kinds of work and gives you your money’s worth.

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