HBO’s upcoming sci-fi drama, The Nevers, has added six more characters to the story. Well-known Joss Whedon is creating the show. The show was announced back in 2018 by HBO, and it will be a comeback series for Whedon. Joss will be creating his first show since Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premiered back in 2013. Now when Agents of SHIELD is ending with its final season, Joss is finally eyeing a new project. After departing DC’s Batgirl, the show comes at a fortunate time for him.

The TV series is depicted as a sci-fi revolving around a group of Victorian ladies who have unusual abilities and powers. The women with superpowers are referred to as The Touched, and they operate from their main base known by The Orphanage. The show despite being set in Victorian England, genre-wise is going to be in touch with Joss’ previous sci-fi series like Dollhouse and Firefly. The female focus of the series, however, relates it to Whedon’s most well-recognized work, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The similarities between the shows are not that surprising seeing that Doug Petrie and Jane Espenson are joining Joss on the project. Both Jane and Doug were colleagues of Joss at the sets of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

While the filming of the show has started, there is a piece of news regarding the show has been released. Six new characters are being added to the show. The characters will be played by:

  • Kiran Sonia Sawar from Black Mirror
  • Ella Smith from Horrible Histories The Movie
  • Anna Devlin from Hanna
  • Martyn Ford from The Golden Circle
  • Elizabeth Berrington from Black Mirror
  • Viola Prettejohn from Counterpart

Kiran is playing a youthful and positive Scotland based Sikh who resides in The Orphanage and is accepted by her family despite her unusual powers. Ella is playing Desiree Blodgett, who is a prostitute with mind-controlling powers. Her powers can control men and make them tell what is going on in their heads. Anna is a teenager named Primrose Chattoway, who wishes to be normal, which seems impossible as she is ten feet tall. Elizabeth is going to play Lucy Best, who has a tragic back-story and now lives in The Orphanage. She stopped her thievery to stay at The Orphanage. Martyn will be in the role of Nicolas perbal, who has an unfriendly personality. And Viola as Myrtle Haplisch, a young girl who has lost her ability to speak.

The already known cast included:

  • Laura Donnelly playing lead role Amalia True.
  • Olivia Williams from Counterpart
  • James Norton from Little Women
  • Tom Riley Da Vinci’s Demons
  • Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead.

The main lead is defined as being the most impulsive, reckless, and emotionally harmed hero of her time.

The Nevers is Joss’s most ambitious project to date, and it does sound interesting. The casting known till now is top class too. Hopefully, the show follows the footsteps of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and not Firefly or Dollhouse.

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