Concealing stuff in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Concealing stuff in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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We’ve finished our arrangement on ‘Covered up’ alternatives in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Instructions to shroud content, pictures, cells, slides and so on inside records.

Concealing is a valuable choice and abstains from erasing content that may be required later. It gives you a chance to make an alternate rendition of a report/sheet/deck without the issue of keeping up two fundamentally the same as archives.


  • Shrouded Text, Images and articles in Word

We have as of late talked about how to show shrouded designing characters in Word, yet it is additionally conceivable to conceal message and even pictures in Microsoft Word, as long as you are utilizing Word on your PC.

  • Concealed content situating and organizing stunts in Word

Word is sharp managing Hidden content, maybe a piece excessively smart now and again. Here’s certain stunts for situating and designing with Hidden content.

  • Discover and Remove Hidden Text in Word

On the off chance that you need to expel concealed content from your Word archive, you first need to discover it. For a shorter report, you can utilize the Show/Hide catch to perceive what’s covered up and erase it physically, however that would be very tedious for longer archives with heaps of concealed entries. Never dread …

  • Show Hidden Characters in Word with Show All

In the event that you are dealing with a Word record with complex designing, once in a while you have to see the concealed characters and inconspicuous functions. It helps make sense of what’s happening when the format doesn’t act.


  • Concealing Columns and Rows in Excel

Make your worksheets look increasingly conservative and centered by concealing undesirable segments or lines. Concealed lines/sections still work in estimations, they can be referenced in recipes and so on.

  • Concealing Cell Contents or Formulas in Excel

On the off chance that you have information in Excel that you would prefer not to be obvious, however despite everything you should have the option to utilize it in figurings, there are two different ways to shroud cells. It’s another instance of having an official and informal concealing alternative


  • Shroud a PowerPoint Slide

On the off chance that you have a slide that you need to keep in your PowerPoint deck however would prefer not to show them in an introduction, you can conceal those slides.

  • Concealing Text in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has choices for concealing slides and furthermore stow away and uncover content or substance inside slides.

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