www.office.com/setup – Microsoft Office, as we know is used by every person with a need to write a document or do anything related to productivity. Some use the pirated version of it and some use it for the sake of work.

Microsoft Office is a big software line up and it has quite a lot of Micro Software’s or Apps. This program is one of the most sold Programs ever made in history, as it is the only program that has been in the market and improving since the beginning. Not just that but Microsoft is a really good software and is really one that needs no introduction to anyone. So, Microsoft has to think about every customer they are going to face. Microsoft Office, like all other software’s, has put a website for its product that enables us to buy the subscription without any hassle. They even provide support for the software they have made. It is really amazing to see how Microsoft manages to provide seamless support for their customers. This is one of the true facts that Microsoft has enabled to provide and sell one of the best software to the productivity market.

website of Microsoft OFfice with Producst on it. image - www.office.com/setup

So to keep up with this Microsoft has not forced anyone to put all the apps on the computer but has categorized this whole thing into categories. These categories put up apps in categories that are in the right section for the right people. For example if you buy a car and you just want the basic car with no additional features you can simply choose that one, simply Microsoft has put it that way, Microsoft has made sections with the applications that suite the section that you are choosing, For example, if you are a student you don’t have to get the Business work version, you can simply choose the one that packs software for the students. That is how it all works.

Microsoft Office is categorized into:


  1. For Households
  2. For Individuals


  1. Small Business
  2. Enterprise
  3. Firstline workers


  1. For Students and Teachers
  2. For Schools

There is also an option to choose your individual product. You can also choose your version of Office from www.office.com and install it on your device.

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