When it comes to rolling out updates for its users on a uniquely quick pace as well as a timely basis, Microsoft is tough to compete with. Which is no surprise as Microsoft has proven its value for its customer base. Have a look at the latest and upcoming features and tools that are aimed to enhance your at-home office experience.

Latest Updates

For starters, let’s talk about their latest updates. Microsoft office 365 which was a web version that offered many different features as well as being a limited version of the Microsoft Desktop programs has been replaced with ‘Microsoft 365’, which are out in both Personal and Family subscriptions. What has consumers excited about this is that it’s combining the experience of previously separate Office 365 Web and Office 365 Home. So your online subscription will enable you to access the full versions of the desktop applications. On top of that, this new version is offering 1 terra-byte of storage on the cloud as well as 60 skype minutes.

When To Expect The Next Update

If you’re eagerly waiting for the next Microsoft Office update, you’re not the only one. Unfortunately they have not announced an official date for their next update as yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Rumored Features

In the meanwhile, we can update you on the exciting features that are rumored to be a part of the next update package. Microsoft has foretold the launch of two new applications as part of its new venture of Microsoft 365. The two applications are going to be a ‘Family Safety Application’ and a ‘Microsoft Teams For Consumers’ Application. Where the former is a location tracking application, equipped with notification alerts upon a completed trip, that can also be used for the online protection of your kids with options of viewing and limiting screen time as well as limiting the content they can access, the latter is promised to be the hub for group conversations and sharing within family for things like calendars. To-do lists, Wi-Fi passwords and account information.

For Excel, there will be an addition in the form of a ‘Money’ feature which will make it simpler to import information regarding your spending and provide you with insights about how you could make alterations to the way you spend. This particular feature is rumored to initially be available for the US only. Word will be further equipped with a ‘Writer’ tool that will help in enhancing your writing by giving grammar and phrasing suggestions. PowerPoint will have a similar ‘Presenter Coach’, like its name suggests, it coaches people into being better presenters by listening to your speech and suggesting alternative phrasing, grammar and other feedback to help refine your speech. There’s also a chance of a massive increase in the fonts, videos, images and icons in PowerPoint.

Insider Office

Something that people love about Microsoft is their creativity and the Insider Office is no exception to that. If you’re one of those that are really impatient for the newest MS Office updates, you can consider signing up for Insider Office, a platform that’ll enable you to be the first to access the features of the new updates and also provide valuable feedback on them that will allow the customer


To summarize, Microsoft Office will now be bigger and better in its new Microsoft 365 application that will be available for subscription in a similar pricing plan so that means more features for the same money. With a longstanding reputation of creativity and reliability, Microsoft can be easily trusted to deliver on their promises for these upcoming features.

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