Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity software and has been in the market for quite a long now, Now that the Office is really good on the store and is one of the most selling software in the world. Some people still don’t like it or maybe they hate how this software looks. There is a lot to think about before buying the software.

some people do not like to spend money after they have already spent a lot of money on the laptop or the computer they have bought they just want their work to be done, by hook or by crook. There is a lot for these types of users to think about and they always keep looking for alternatives. Or maybe you are just a regular user and want a simple alternative to Office, Without a reason. We have it collected some software for your that are compared directly to Office in a head-on battle.


Libre is a free Open Source Productivity tool that is set for all platforms like that of Microsoft office, Despite the fact that this productivity tool is a Open source software, it is trusted and used by many people around the globe.

WPS Office

WPS Office is a clean looking productivity suite that is really nice in looks and is one of the best free productivity tool available in the market. This is quite identical to Google UI and is really nice to work on.

Apache Open Office

This is one of the most famous productivity tool after the Microsoft Office, This was developed by Apache long time back and developers have loved the capability of this being a core Open Source Software.


This one is not a free alternative but a good one. This contains all the capabilities of have a productivity tools in it. This really means that you can do all your important work without even being stuck anywhere.

Apple Iworks

Apple is almost everywhere, Apple makes software’s, OS, Phones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops and what not, So it is obvious that Apple has dived into the productivity platform to give a tough competition to Microsoft.

Though there are other alternatives too but most these software’s do not pack as much as the Microsoft Office is packed in with. Microsoft has a array of tools and a dedicated team to handle everything on their software. Their liabilities to the team handling office is single and is prioritized to make Office Better.

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