Are you looking for the best travel app for your Apple TV? If you are planning to travel and want the best apps to book flights or hotels, then this article will help you in that aspect. You don’t have to focus on your smartphone’s small screen. In your living room, together with your family, you can decide where you want to go, stay and eat. You can check out the flight ticket prices, routes, hotels, and restrooms on the route.  So let’s explore the best Apple TV apps for traveling.

1. Air France

Transport is the first step when we go for a trip. Air France is arguably one of the best flight booking apps. It is specially designed for Apple TVs. You can get destination guides, podcasts of Air France, music selections and control over your Air France account. But, you can’t book the flights right from this TV app. To book the flights, you will have to use your smartphone or laptop.

2. Airbnb

It allows you to decide where to stay. The homestays it shows are well rated and hygienic. The places that you find suitable for your family, can be shared with your other Apple devices. So you can easily book your room later on your smartphone.

3. Planefinder

This app helps a person know the current flight status and other useful information on flights and airports. By telling you about the flight and the airports status, it prevents you from standing in endless queues. It also tells about the high parking charges of an airport which will also save your money and time.  

4. Trip Advisor

Most people spend a lot of time on this app to decide the best places to visit. It also helps to find restaurants and hotels and other services in your destination place. I would recommend you for this app whenever you plan to travel.

The Apple TV version of this app also has some extra features such as Photos, traveler reviews about a place, and in-detailed guide. This app has over 375 millions of users globally.

5. Hostelworld

If you are a bachelor or a student, then you will probably be looking for hostels to stay. This app provides 33000 hostels around the globe. It also offers chick design hostels to party hostels. This app also provides different recommendations for the best hostels in your destiny.  You can search by city and also read the reviews to get an idea of that place.

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