Christmas is about to arrive and you are eager to send them out to your close friends and relatives. Only to find yourselves frustrated with those commercial Christmas cards with cheap printed paper and majority of them having common greetings lines which you find flooded over the Internet and book stores, which you are fed up of as you can’t find any of those which inspire you to share with your loved ones in this joyful Christmas season.

Well, you don’t have to worry or feeling frustrated no more because of this, as Microsoft PowerPoint software allows anyone to make their own personalized multi-media Christmas card which is surely one of its kinds in this world which no one can get elsewhere.

Basically, PowerPoint enables one to add their own selected music, videos or photos to the electronic Christmas card to enhance the compelling effect to the card itself, along with your personalized messages and warm greetings for the festive season. This electronic card which you have created using Microsoft Office PowerPoint can be reused for multiple times in the future as long as you have saved it as a template in your computer hard drive.

Below are some key tips on how to create your Christmas card with PowerPoint through some simple steps:

1. Create a new PowerPoint presentation for the Christmas card and name it as Creation A.

2. Then proceed to the Format menu, click on Slide Layout, and choose the blank layout from the options provided.

3. Create your Christmas card cover by choosing your preferred picture from Clip Art, or if you have any background picture that you would like to be used as the Christmas card cover. If you are going with the former, click on Clip Art, in the Clip Art task pane, enter the keyword: Christmas in the Subject text box.

4. A list of images which are related to Christmas such as Christmas trees, Christmas greetings, the celebrations spirits, snow-flakes, Santa Clause, and many more. Double click on the image of your choice and the image will be appearing on a blank slide.

5. If you decide to use your own picture from your local drive, click on the picture on the format menu, and drag out the picture of your choice onto the blank slide. Perform the necessary formatting of your picture by adjusting on its size tab, change the height to 5 or 6 and click OK.

6. Next, you would proceed to add in a movie or video clip to enhance your personalized Christmas card.

7. Find “Movies and sounds” from the Insert menu, and input the video from your local computer which it will then be appearing on the blank slide.

8. Format your picture by selecting on the size tab, change the height of the picture to 3, and click OK.

9. Now, it comes to your text message for the Christmas card.

10. On the Insert menu, click on Text Box, click & drag the text box to where you wish to print your messages and greeting on. Once it is done, format the text accordingly.

11. Last but not least, one of the beauties for using Microsoft PowerPoint to create your own personalized greeting cards is to add in the music or soundtrack of your choice for your Christmas card which you would never get elsewhere. Select the option of playing the music automatically whenever the greeting card is open. Adjust the sound icon to minimum size and place it on the bottom of the slide.

12. Finally, save this Christmas card as PowerPoint template (*.potx) template in your local computer for reuse in the future.

13. You may now zip and email the multi-media card which you have created all by your own to your loved one, family and close friends. They will surely be delighted to receive this extraordinary Christmas card which you have created yourself with all these efforts.

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