PowerPoint is really a powerful tool, though we might have just come across the basic animations and tools but haven’t got deeper into the feature list, we have tried and explored a number of uses for Microsoft PowerPoint that make it a beautiful tool to use for home, personal or Office work.  

Not only just presentations but PowerPoint can really help you with a lot of things. PowerPoint is widely mistaken and also considered as a tool for presentations of work purposes only. But we managed to use it for a lot of other things. There are tools that cost more than that of the Whole Office subscription that do the only part that can be done in one application from Office Suite.

Now, for the whole time we have been trying to make sure that we make a better use of Microsoft PowerPoint, better than that of using it for basic flashy presentations. As we know that we can transform the presentations and the work we have done on PowerPoint as Videos, so we managed to look beyond limits and possibilities that we usually do.  For the basics we manage with the fade in and out animations, and we finally managed to make a slideshow of photographs as a video with music. So we were good there. We finally added titles and paragraphs as captions.

We have also managed to create some beautiful presentations and gifs too. This makes it clear that we do not have to give away any feature to make sure that we use PowerPoint for greater good.

For more information : office.com/setup

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