The company is transforming its branding strategy and planning to launch more varieties in coming days, including phones with latest cutting-edge technology.

With latest transformations, the brand is about to gain flagship. Here are the few highlights:-

  • The brand is about to launch more than one phone this time possibly in the month of May.
  • This year the brand is going to offer advanced features and multi improved camera that will take on the iPhone lovers.
  • According to OnePlus CEO, the brand is holding 50 % share of the premium phone market in India this year.
  • In order to expand and establish its variants, the brand is all set to open new R&D centers.

For the last 3 years to its launch of OnePlus 3, the brand is all set for new launches. After the running success of its OnePlus 3 the brand was able to achieve the equal success rates with their OnePlus 3T. Then, successively came the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T. With a vision to built pursuit of excellence, the brand was successful with the launch of all the models until now.

In 2019, though, as the company gets ready to launch its new phones with advance technologies, the company has decided to do so from a crossroads. In the brand’s journey, it has reached a stage where it now needs to make a decision that  does it want to go more up market or does it want to surprise the  masses?

The vision if the brand explains that OnePlus is now finally going to chase the ultra-premium market. The brand has built an idea that in 2019, OnePlus just does not want to make a flagship-killer. It also wants to make a flagship phone.

The brand will launch more than one device and will upgrade OnePlus 6T to ensure that the brand will continue to deliver the premium experience to which there customers are accustomed. However, this year the brand is much focused on an even more premium segment.

The Ultra-premium in sight

The one good reason for OnePlus to focus on the premium phone market is the USP of the brand. Right now for OnePlus, there is a momentum in the premium phone market and that’s the momentum, which OnePlus wants to ride.

The brand is at the top 5 in the premium category. The brand is seeking to achieve the 2 percent growth in 2019. The brand is hoping to achieve its 2 percent by creating a phone, which will snatch the potential market of Galaxy and iPhone. For those who crave for more advanced technology, OnePlus will bring a revolutionary change.

What is the new ultra-premium OnePlus phone?

The specifics of the all new ultra- premium are kept hidden. However, there have been leaks and rumors about what OnePlus is planning for launch this summer. Moreover, some of these leaks give context to everything, which is kept hidden from its audience.

This year the brand is hoping to expand on the smoothness aspect of the phone and not just in an obvious way. This is the kind of feature, that people need but they are not aware about it.  The brand believes that the product is a complete package as it is faster, slicker and delivers core performance. You never know that the brand might be taking about 90 Hz screen in their upcoming model, which will be unique in the android world.

With the advanced ultra-premium, the brand have made a number of changes such as the screen will be the biggest upgrade for the new device.

Screen Display: The display will set a new benchmark in the standards of smoothness.

Camera: The upcoming OnePlus will have a 48 megapixel camera which will be backed by 2 additional lenses for taking zoom and wide angle shots, which is going to be better this time.

According to the recent reports, the brand is sure to set a new benchmark, offering a better and advanced camera photography experience. The R&D teams are working on the camera performance of the device.

Whatever extra the brand is putting in its new phones will be in addition to everything that it has always offered the customers. This means, that even if the brand do not talk about it, its fore sure that the new OnePlus phone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855processor, at least 6GB of RAM, Storage up to  128 GB and features such as quick charging.

OnePlus R&D in India

With its new phones, OnePlus doesn’t only want to grow global share in the premium phone market but also wants more Indian users to prefer the brand’s phones over those offered by the other brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Currently, the company has already established a market share of 36 per cent in the premium phone market.

The brand has a bigger product and business plans for its India market. It has decided to build an additional R&D centre in state of Hyderabad. This year will be a very important yet potential year for OnePlus in India as the brand will be further developing the R&D teams and product teams. As per the brand, it has new space in Hyderabad. The brand’s R&D team will not only make India-specific product innovations but will also have an impact globally.

Another focus area of the brand is the after sales service and offline availability of OnePlus products. Improving the offline availability of OnePlus phones in India is also something that the brand will focus on in 2019. This will result in improving the after sales and the service post the sale is the key focus.

It is expected that new phones with super- advanced features from OnePlus will be launched in the month of May. The phones will be available for and within the Indian.

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