MS office application is now an important part of our day to day life as it deals about our work, studies, business etc. And as it is a development era MS has launched the secured products and well developed such as Office 2016 and Office 365 and also MS Office 2013 which was precede of Office 2016 and Office 365.

Step 1: Temporarily disable Antivirus and Firewall

Error code 17002 while updating the MS Office may persist in case of firewall or network restriction. The firewall or network rules in the network may block the installation of MS Office program or its updating as a part of their security measurements. These firewall rules and Antivirus are implemented on the device by the network provider or the user of the device on its registry or core system.

Follow the steps given below to disable Firewall:

Step 1. Go to the control panel

Step 2. Open the system and security and then to “Windows Firewall”

Step 3. Click on the option of switch windows firewall on or Off

Step 4. Choose the option of  Switch Off firewall for both private and public network.

Step 5. Try installing or updating the MS Office and check whether the Error code 17002 is resolved.

Follow the steps to disable Antivirus:

Step 1. Go to the Antivirus application installed on the device

Step 2. Click on the settings and then navigate to real time protection.

Step 3. Switch Off real time protection.

Step 4. Navigate to Antivirus firewall.

Step 5. Switch off Antivirus firewall.

Step 6. Click on the option of YES or OK confirmation prompt if encouraged

Step 7. Try updating the MS Office and check whether the Error code 17002 is resolved.

Step 2. SFC Scan to fix Error code 17002   

Error code 17002 also persists in case of corruption or device file errors. If the Error code 17002 is due to the system file corruption, it could be fixed easily by the SFC scan.

Step 3. Registry repair to resolve Error code 17002

Error code 17002  also persists due to key value errors or registry corruption. A single key value damage or corruption change may lead to malfunctioning of the entire Microsoft Office program.

Step 4. Eliminate and reinstallation.

If Error code 17002 is not set in the registry repair, antivirus exception and SFC scan, is required to eliminate the MS Office suite completely from the features and programs.

Follow the steps to resolve Error code 17002 completely.

Step 1. Open the control panel and click on the option of “uninstall softwares and features”

Step 2. Look for Microsoft Office in the list.

Step 3. Choose the option of “Microsoft Office” and then click on the uninstall button.

Step 4. Once un-installation is finished, try running Office setup to install Microsoft Office.

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