Microsoft office is a great software package that helps in accomplishing essential tasks; several companies and corporate offices use it. However, users do face issues from time to time-related to errors that occur while operating the office programs. The activation office error 0x8004FC12 in office 365 is a common problem faced by the users. You can follow the guidelines mentioned below to fix this error.

Adding a net local group

  • Begin by pressing the window key + X hotkey and then choose the command prompt option from the menu to open it.
  • Now, enter the net local group administrators local service/ add in the command prompt then tap the return key.
  • Now input the fsutil resource set auto reset true C in the command prompt and then tap the enter key. Then enter in the prompt window the netsh int ip resetlog.txt
  • After this, you can close the command prompt and restart the system.

Updating windows 10

  • Firstly click on the task bar button or Cortana then enter or input updates in the box. Choose the check for updates option for opening the settings of windows updates.
  • Press the button of check for updates for update details; you will see a button that states install now if there are some updates to install. Press on the tab for updating windows.

Switch off the firewall

  • Input the windows firewall in the search box of Cortana, choose the windows firewall for opening the control panel.
  • Now click on the option that says turn windows firewall on or off. Choose the turn off option from there, after activating the office you can switch the firewall back on.

Repair the office

  • Right-click on the start tab to open the programs and features, a menu will appear from that you can choose programs and features for opening the control panel window.
  • Continue further by right-clicking on office and choosing change, you will see the diagnostic tool. Choose the option that states quick repair, and then press the repair tab to follow the wizard guidelines.

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