Microsoft Word 2019 is one of the most popular software packages offered by Microsoft and it is comprehensively used for typing letters, reports and many other documents. This application has amazing features to be used for desktop publishing. Apart from this particular feature, Word can also help you deal with equations.

This is equally useful for all including a student, entrepreneur or professional. This built-in MS Word 2007 equation feature helps you manage equations, spreadsheets, quizzes and deal with mathematical problems conveniently. Before you start using this Microsft Word 2019 feature you must understand the steps required to execute your task. This article is an effort to let you know about the ways of handling equations through MS Word 2019.

Steps for adding equations in Microsoft Office Word 2019:
1. First of all select the location on the Word document where you want to add the equation with a click of your mouse
2. Alternatively, press ‘Enter’ if you want to place the equation in the center
3. Now reach to ‘Symbols’ group through the ‘Insert’ tab and click the arrow that is appearing with ‘Equation’
4. You need to click here either ‘Insert new equation’ or ‘built-in equation’.
If you have chosen to build a new equation then again the following step is to be followed:
Insert New Equation >> Equation tools >> Design tab >> Tools group >> Equation
5. After clicking ‘Insert a new equation,’ you need to click the ‘Design’ tab to finally reach ‘Equation’ via ‘Tools’ group
6. When you click ‘Equation,’ a built-in application gets inserted into the document.
7. In order to make custom changes in the application, you need to click ‘Normal text,’ ‘Linear’ or ‘Professional’.
Adding common alpha-numeric characters with this feature is very easy and that can be performed by using the keyboard.

To insert special mathematical symbols follow the below-mentioned steps:
 First, click on the ‘Symbols’ group through the ‘Insert’ tab
 Click on the ‘More’ button to see mathematical symbols.

Furthermore, if you want to insert any Greek letter or script then you have to click on the arrow appearing at the top of the symbols gallery.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily put special mathematical symbols while working on Microsoft Word 2019. You can also customize symbols to appear in various forms. Choosing a Greek letter or script to add to the equation is not at all difficult and you can do it with a few mouse clicks. Thus you can add even the most complex formula and equations to your document and make it more informative and useful.
Using this feature under technical guidance earns a huge dividend and you can do your task in very less time without any flaws. The tips mentioned above are very helpful while adding equations or special mathematical symbols to the Word document.

In case you are not being able to solve any other software related problem, it is a good option to seek assistance from an organization providing premium technical support service. Certified and experienced technicians will guide you through entire processes online.

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