We live in an environment where everything from our work to our personal life is moving at a fast pace. It’s common that we spend our day in writing emails, meetings, or on phones, which leaves little time for us, to focus on what is important for you. Many of us have also created never-ending lists of tasks and even took time after working hours to accomplish the same.  It’s a challenge to accomplish each task in the allotted time.

Microsoft 365 helps you to tackle with such challenges, by providing personal productivity insights via MyAnalytics application. It provides the insights and suggestions powered by Artificial intelligence which helps the user to do the smart work. The application ensures to have more result-driven insights into your work and focuses on the network, collaboration, and wellbeing. User can set new work goals and build good habits which will help him/her to manage their work efficiently.

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Making insights more actionable

For this, Microsoft has decided to introduce the ability to create work plans according to the user which will make it easier to set goals and achieving the same. Focus plan is at the top priority in MyAnalytics updates. To accomplish a complex task in limited time, focus plan in My Analytics will bridge your collaboration with meaningful results.

What are the 4 elements of AI- focus plan?

The four elements of Artificial Intelligence are:-

  1. The user has to create a personal focus plan.

By this, the user will get the time to focus on the assigned task for which the time slot will be automatically booked.

  1. The user can monitor and maintain your focus work routine.

Suppose, if there is some urgent meeting to attend which might clash with the allotted time, the user can easily reschedule the focus to maintain work.

  1. Learn to manage your pending tasks with the recent allotted.

This feature of AI allows the user to manage both the tasks which are pending and newly assigned timely.

  1. Try to avoid work interactions during the focus time.

The device will automatically go on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while you are focusing on the complex tasks. Only urgent calls or messages will be visible on screen while working.


Microsoft is building innovative technologies so that we can manage our work efficiently. It is beneficial for us to trust and work with Artificial Intelligence.  The AI-powered devices are helpful for us as we can manage our current work patterns and get actionable insights to prioritize focus on our work without getting distractions from the environment around. For more details, visit www.office.com/setup.

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