Microsoft office has excellent usage in office routine, and the tools deliver a high performance. Sometimes the users deal with activation issues related to the Office Setup as there are many underlying reasons as to why this occurs. You can contact Microsoft support to solve this issue or read the guidelines below to troubleshoot the office activation issues.

Verify time, date and time zone on your system

•    Close and shut the Microsoft office apps.

•    Now you can check the bottom right of the taskbar, and proceed with right-clicking on Time & Date icon. Choose Adjust date/time option from that.

•    The next window will open, you will need to ensure the time and dates are displayed accurately along with the correct time zone. If you see a problem with these, you can adjust these accordingly. There is also an option to toggle and set the time zone to auto settings.

•    Now proceed to restart the Office application for verifying whether the Microsoft Office activation problem is solved or not.

Confirm the Status of Microsoft Office Subscription:

Your Microsoft Office subscription may have expired. If this is the case, then you will need to renew the subscription without it, there is no use of further troubleshooting the activation.

Launch Microsoft Office as an Administrator

There could be some permission related problems that are causing the activation issues in Microsoft office. You will need to run the program with the credentials of an administrator. You can follow these steps to do that

•    Start with closing the Microsoft apps.

•    Now, you can see the Windows search bar in that begin by typing Word. It will show the Word icon in results that appear.

•    Proceed by right-clicking on the Word icon and select run as administrator from the drop-down list menu.

Checking the Proxy Settings of PC

•    Start by clicking on the Windows Start button, then clicking on the Setting icon.

•    Now in the windows settings, click on network and internet configuration settings.

•    Click the proxy located in the left. Toggle the automatically detect settings option. And also toggle the option Use a Proxy server option under manual proxy setup setting.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

The antivirus and firewall can interfere with the activation issues sometimes so try and switch them off temporarily to see if you can solve the activation error.

Get in touch with us

If you are facing issues with the Microsoft Office Activation Errors, then you can dial our customer support number for technical help. Our team of trained specialists will pick your call and assist you with step by step instructions to troubleshoot the errors.

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