EA has announced that the PC boxes will arrive soon but also stated that a disc would not be there on the inside. One can play the apex legends game for free, navigate to origin grab and get going with it. This October EA is rumoured to venture at a few retail revenues thanks to the release of the game’s two physical editions. These two editions are the bloodhound and the lifeline. The legendary skin of the guardian angel will be included in the lifeline edition. 

Other things that will be included are guardian winged banner along with apex 1000 coins and angel struck badge. The legendary intimidator skins will be included in the edition of the bloodhound. Another skin that will be seen in this edition is the wrath bringer’s legendary skin. This will be exclusive for the Prowler SMG.

Skins and reasonable pricing

Tormentor badge and feeling impish banner along with 1000 Apex coins will also be available in the bloodhound edition. It is usual to see digital releases for PC these days, but it is still a boon none the less. The PC version will not have any disc inside the box, but the playstation4 and Xbox owners will receive a proper physical specimen of the game. The PC gamers will get to redeem the game using an origin code. Boxes are fantastic and since the value of a 1000 coins usually amounts up to 10$. The price tag of 20$ doesn’t seem out of place. 

There is just one downside related to this announcement. The skins come exclusively for the editions; this implies that you will have to pitch in more to get access to both the skins. The versions of bloodhound and lifeline from Apex are set to be launched on October 18. It will be an exciting release none the less.

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