Planning for mountain biking this weekend?  From navigating best routes to finding amazing places on mountains with breathtaking scenic views, I got you covered. Mountain biking is not as easy as it seems, you got to be pre-planned  with everything on your adventurous excursion. Here’s the list of some top apps that will be helping out on your mountain biking.

1. Clinometer

Clinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope, depression of an object with respect to gravity, elevation, etc. The app also comes with a tilt indicator, tilt meter, and slope alert, level meter, declinometer and pitch roll indicator. Clinometer measures slopes on mountains whether it is inclined and declined using three different units of degree, measure, and percent.

2.  GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik app lets you edit your favorite photos and videos. The app finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions, effects, and music in your video. User can customize their photographs with the app and GoPro connects its user with social media sites to be so that their experience of mountain excursion can be shared with the community.

3. Dark Sky

There are several preferred weather apps for mountain bikers but Dark Sky is one of the most used apps with its more than one million users. Dark Sky notifies users about the local weather forecast as well as upcoming weather conditions. The user can avoid places with storms, hurricanes, and rain for full utilization of vacation time. The app also notifies users if there is a storm or hurricane coming in their way with its beautiful weather map with great graphics.

4. Altimeter+

This app is your best companion on your mountain biking adventure. Altimeter+ is all about measuring altitudes, it tells if you are at too high or on a normal hill slope. The app is perfect for hikers, skiing and as well as for mountain bikers. It checks altitudes, elevation and localization coordinates. It has a navigation system also which works offline too.

5. Bike 3D Configurator

This app provides help and suggestions if you want to customize your bike with new technology and design. The app’s user can customize the bike’s colors, look, suspension, tires, angel, the shape of the handle and much more.  Customization of bikes has never been so easy and quick. The app with its 3D feature lets the user have enough clarity in mind regarding the customization of their bike. One can see their dream bike in augmented reality with the help of the app.

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